Stieg Larsson: “The Girl Who Loved Her Coffee Maker”

I’m in the midst of reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, by Stieg Larsson, and I am on a mission. His last two Lisbeth Salander books contained so many references to coffee that this time I figured I’d keep count. So, for those of you with too much time on your hands:

Total mentions so far (473 pages in): 63
Longest interval between mentions: 30 pages
Shortest interval: 1 sentence

FYI, the Swedes consume an average of 8.2 kilos of coffee per person each year, topped only by the dour Finns, who are the champions with 12. And this is not your watery Tim Hortons brown-crayon-dipped-in-lukewarm-water morning slurry – our Nordic friends brew their cuppa twice as strong as North Americans do. It’s a wonder they sleep at all.

Although it does provide some insight into how Larsson was able to write three 600-page books in roughly three years before dropping dead of a heart attack.


By the way, if anyone out there has counted the coffee references in the previous two Stieg Larsson books, let me know. Don’t make me go back and count them myself. Because you know I will.

Back to it.



  1. Arnie

    Glad to find someone else who noted Stieg’s fixation. I loved to part when a character hiding in a remote dwelling suddenly works out that their life is at risk and must run for it. Stieg described how he runs into the kitchen to check the coffee maker is switched off before hading for the car…

  2. Very happy to hear someone else is aware of this. It’s kind of comical actually…I just finished the Girl Who Played With Fire and would love to know the “coffee” count! My guess is that it has to be more than 63. Seems like the word coffee was on every 3rd or 4th page.

  3. Anyone know which brand coffee machine and grinder that appear in her posh apartment in “Hornet’s Nest”?

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