When Smiters cry

Not very many things make Dr Smiter cry. Exceptions are animal shelter commercials, almost every episode of “Little House on the Prairie,” the last couple of lines of Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales,” and that Canadian Tire commercial from a few years back where the little boy growing up in the Depression knows his dad can’t afford the red bike in the catalogue, but on his birthday his dad gruffly asks him to come help unload the back of the rusty old pickup truck, and lifts out the bike.

Dammit, I’m making myself cry all over again now. There really is no justice for a crusty old Smiter.

Anyway, a colleague sent me a link to “Embrace This” just a few minutes ago. Oddly enough, it’s a public-service television ad to remind people to wear their seatbelts, and it is one of the most brilliant (and most tear-inducing) things I’ve seen in ages.

Get yourself a big pile of tissues and press “Play.” And then pass it on.

I’ll be over here wiping my face with the front of my T-shirt if you have any questions.

–Dr Smiter

Pa, does our wagon have seatbelts?


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