Monthly Archives: October, 2010

Ask Dr Smiter: how shall I revive thee? (and why?)

Dear Dr Smiter, If I ask my boss to send me on the staff CPR/First Aid refresher course, and she refuses because I’m “only” part-time, am I allowed to simply point, laugh, and do sweet-flock-all in the event that she has a heart attack or chokes on her lunch in the office? –Arheddis Boulsheet ****************************************************************************************************** …

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Dr Smiter’s Baby Name Book

Wouldn’t it be funny if a family gave all their kids trendy “verb”  names? Picture it: Parker, Walker, Hunter, Cooper, Tyler…. You could have Parker Hunter, who would grow up to be that guy who follows shoppers thru crowded parking lots waiting to nab the space they vacate. And you could have Tyler Walker, who …

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