Smite of the Day: Staples. That was annoying.

Finally purchased a printer/scanner after four (count ’em…four) abortive missions to Staples to get one. Who’d have thought it would be this challenging to obtain a piece of electronic equipment that most other humanoid life forms in the Western world seem to be able to acquire with minimum effort?

But yes: first two trips, could not for love or money find a salesperson to answer my questions, despite the store being next to empty (hmm… maybe there’s a reason for this?) and $200 burning a hole in my pocket.

Third trip, finally picked out a printer — and they were out of stock.

Fourth and last — picked out a printer, then saw a wireless version. You guessed it: wireless was out of stock. Sigh. Just buy non-wireless version. Good enough, as it turns out.

On my way to the till, the charisma-challenged sales git tries to sell me Staples’ “extended warranty”. No thanks. (I am tired, fed up, coughing from what will turn into bronchitis in a matter of hours.)

"Would you like to purchase our extended warranty?" "No, thanks. Would you like a knock over the head with this industrial purse?"

“Really?” says Sales Git haughtily. “So you want to throw out zees printer after one year, huh?” he asks in the sarcastic tone usually reserved for women and idiots by guys like him who soak their shirts in cheap cologne and have to sell printers for a living (when they have them in stock).

I fix him with an icy stare. “Are you telling me you’ve just sold me a piece of shit that is going to break in a year?” (Memories of my car, but that’s another story.)

Silence from Mr Charisma Bypass as he slinks back to the dimly lit salesman cave from whence he slithered.

Mission accomplished.

— Smiter out.


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