“I’m not dead yet!”

Recently some of my loyal readers have started to inquire, at first with irritation and now with some uneasiness, whether Dr Smiter has a) stopped writing altogether and begun herding yaks for a living, or b) shuffled off this mortal coil altogether. Friends and acquaintances have tactfully asked whether I need a secretary, a vacation, a kick in the pants, or possibly something nice in a bouquet of lilies and a brace of pallbearers.

The answer is, of course, none of the above (although some lilies might brighten the place up a bit). Rather, Dr Smiter sheepishly admits that work-related chaos has gotten the better of her; there’s something about a 75-hour week that leaves one little time for much else aside from the treadmill of work, sleep, go to the gym, do chores, rinse, repeat. (Although I confess I did bugger off for 6 days in August for a much-needed holiday, during which I went to Washington, DC, with my good friend the Elf.)

Meanwhile, irritatingly, tantalizingly, at the side of my desk reserved for Story Ideas lies a small yet growing stack of slips of paper with hastily scribbled notes taunting me to put everything else aside & write.  Upcoming topics include:

– Yoga, One Year On

– Shirtlessness

– Rabbits in the Cockpit

– Roger Woodward and Me

Meantime, please (oh please) accept these humble links to some of my favourite Posts Past, for your amusement and erudition whilst Dr Smiter digs herself out from under the latest mound of work:

Dr Smiter goes to voice lessons

Dr Smiter’s Guide to Switchboard Etiquette

Appropriometer – get yours today!

Just say No to low-hanging fruit!

And finally, in a nod to the encroaching flu/cold season, “Quit Whining and Go Get Your Flu Shot!”

I hope this will hold you for the nonce. And with that, loyal readers, I leave you once again — hopefully briefly. I apologize again for the huge gap in posts — and admit that your loyalty touches my scaly old heart more than I can say.

Until soon, I remain

Toothily yours,

Dr Smiter


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