New look, same old Bog

I think it started with the new shredder I bought about a month ago in prep for doing my taxes — suddenly I was updating everything: disposing of outdated invoices and receipts, photos (there is nothing more cathartic than putting one’s ex through the cross-cut blades, I must say), Christmas and birthday cards….

Then on to the worn and outgrown clothing, that book about finance that I will never read (seriously, what was I thinking? I’d rather have bowel surgery in the woods with a stick than read about investing…)…. Nothing was safe from the Smiter Renewal Ray.

That girl can really shred!

Yesterday, still looking wildly about for things to destroy or update (I probably should have my medication checked, but never mind) my beady gaze fastened on the coffee maker and the litter box. Strange combo, but that’s how things work at Casa Smiter.

Out with the old, in with the new: my Starbucks Komodo Dragon no longer tastes like, well, kitty litter, and at some point this week the cat may deign to approach her new pissoir without arching her back and hissing.

And as today (Monday) is a workday at Casa Smiter, my laser sights turned inevitably to the blog. “Oooh,” I said, clicking my tongue. “That looks… boring.”

So, with a simple mouse-click (OK, numerous clicks and some juicy bad words) the deed was done.

Le voila — hope you like it. 🙂

Smiter out.



  1. HausElf

    if that smiter renewal ray is for sale I’ll buy one!

  2. JMC

    Heheh. Right now I have the only model in existence but I will happily lend it to you for a small fee (pie). 🙂

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