Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Smiter’s little helper

As many of you know, I work from home as a freelance copy editor and writer. It is a job that suits me, in a location and format that REALLY suits me: no office politics, no colleagues dropping by to bore me with monologues about the latest exploits of their incredible uniquely named children, no …

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Dr Smiter’s Turbo Energy Bars

I do a lot of spin classes and it’s sometimes a while before I get home afterwards & get a proper meal into me. A while ago I discovered that the little fruit stand near the gym sells little energy bar thingies (probably made in China & laced with caulking compound or something) and every …

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Please adjust your focus

A wise friend of mine once said, when I was lamenting about living in a big city, that one of the paths to happiness was simply to learn to open your eyes and appreciate being right where you are. And it so happens that about 10 minutes from where I am is a little piece …

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