Autumn in the Valley

This afternoon, after another long session of thankless desk-jockeying, I peeled myself out of my chair and took myself for a badly needed walk in my beloved Valley.

Nature, red in … leaf.

I was feeling more than a bit wistful, and rather sorry for myself, thinking as I set out that I’ve missed most of the fall colours. It is, as I’ve mentioned before, my busiest time of year, and it feels like I’ve barely been out of doors in the last long while.

However, as I set out, as often happens my eyes adjusted to their new focal points (i.e., not a computer screen) and to my delight the most beautiful array of muted, beguiling colours appeared to enchant me.

In seconds my trust iPhone camera was out of my pocket and hard at work recording some of the astonishing things available to be admired and appreciated, if one only takes the time to look — from the last clump of goldenrod to the copper tones of a baby oak as it blazes out, to the strange and wonderful designs to be found in a woodpile.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did.

Don Valley Beechwood Trails, October 24, 2012.

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