Nature, red in beak and talon

Yesterday I was on my way to the hobby shop to get some paint for my next modelling project (Spitfire MK Vb) and came upon a group of people clustered about on the sidewalk, staring up at the side of a building.

We're goin' in.

The reason for my trip.

I joined them and saw to my astonishment that there was a nice healthy red-tailed hawk sitting happily atop a pigeon nest (presumably the pigeons weren’t really very happy) having an impromptu lunch.

(Aside: do red-tailed hawks ever have planned, i.e., not impromptu, lunches? Note to self: Google this.)

Anyway, I managed to get some video of her as she ate, and here it is, for your delectation.

Red-Tailed Hawk Raiding a Pigeon Nest.

PS. Stick around for the credits. 🙂


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