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Smiter’s Law No. 231: spare cash

This is the law that states simply that wherever an abundance of cash is to be found, an equivalent expense, or series thereof, will emerge to fill it. Case in point: due to the sudden departure of a colleague from the Orifice, where I work, I recently logged so much overtime that I was fairly …

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Smiter’s Law, No. 787: suppertime TV

This is the law that states that, when one is eating in front of the TV, there will always be a commercial playing when one finally sits down, plate in hand, in front of one’s favourite show. Subsection a) of this law states that when the show finally resumes and one is tucking into a …

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Smiter’s Law, No. 287 – Buses

When you most need a bus – say, when you are hobbling to a checkup at the hospital, in the sleeting rain, with a cracked tibia, a chipped kneecap, two broken ribs and your arm in a cast – there will be no bus. Anywhere. You will stagger along for the entire 30-minute walk, bus …

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