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The Big Gulp: Boyd’s Second Supper

Well, it looks as if our Baby Boy is well and truly settled in and (so far) on a regular eating schedule. This past Tuesday (traditionally, feeding day at the breeder who raised him) I offered Boyd another meal (a fuzzy [juvenile] rat, frozen, thawed, and warmed) and once more he gulped it down like …

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Baby Boyd’s first meal

It’s official! I’m a Snake-Feedin’ Mummy! Yes sirree, last night, after 10 days of residence in his new home, and one food refusal last week, our Baby Boyd emerged from seclusion and engulfed his very first meal at about 9 o’clock last night. After my consult with Liam, the python guy at Menagerie, on Saturday, …

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Having a ball (python)!

Well, it’s official: after several years of fence-sitting, I am now the proud owner of a little wee snake. He is a ball python (or Regal Python), and at the time of writing he is just 8 weeks old and about 14 inches long. His name is Boyd (as he is from the Boidae family …

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