The Cheap-Ass Gourmet

Shameless use of a Cute Cat Photo to entice you back to the rest of my blog.

Here is a nice handy set of links to all the Cheap-Ass Gourmet recipes and tips I’ve posted, in case you don’t have time or energy to scroll through the site to find them.

But don’t forget to come on back and take a trip through the rest of Dr Smiter’s Bog sometime.

— Dr Smiter (and Sophie)

Cheap-Ass Gourmet recipes:

Steel-cut Oats, Smiter Style

Dr Smiter’s Super-Keen Quinoa Salad

Dr Smiter’s Very Ap-PEEL-ing Banana Muffins

Frau Doktor Schmeiter’s Wunderbar German Breakfast

(Re)-using your noodle (how to use up leftover pasta) (really!)

Dr Smiter’s Seizure Salad Dressing

Stir-fried Kale (yeah, that weird green stuff)

Señorita Smiter’s Avocado Squawkamole

Lentil Soup a la Smiter

Smoked Fish Tortillas

First Aid for Mushrooms

Señorita Smiter’s Sangria (Mucho Fabuloso!)

D r Smiter’s Easy Crap-Free Spaghetti Sauce

Dr Smiter’s Cheap-Ass Eye Makeup Remover

Chicken Soup a la Smiter

Dr Smiter’s Kickin’ Chicken Curry

Dr Smiter’s Turbo Energy Bars

Dr Smiter’s “OMG, Are These Really Vegetables??” Kale Chips



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